About us

Founded in 2006, Paradine Development is a software development outsourcing company headquartered in Sibiu, Romania. The team of Paradine Development has more than 10 years of experience in developing enterprise software and offering IT consulting services resulting in reliable solutions for our customers.
Out customers are using our experience in state of the art technologies as a major competitive advantage.

We developed software for customers who support world-wide enterprises, branch federations and standardization organizations.

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We offer to our customers the services listed below.
Custom Product Software Development

We build the software you demand

Enterprise Software Development Services

We build the software that scales

IT Consulting

We identify solutions to your problems

Software Maintenance

We maintain your software

Database consulting

We analyze your database

Software Performance Audit

We identify your performance problems

3rd Level Support

We support your software

Other Software Services

We offer other software services you demand

Software Development

Our team of experts have more than a decade of experience in designing web applications, especially big applications that were maintained for a long period of time.
What Paradine Development commits to provide:

  • Transparency in communication with our customers:
  • Expected Functionality in time
  • Development processes
  • Scalability of the applications we develop by using state of the art clustering environments when needed
  • Performance 
  • Maintainability of the applications

Database Consulting

For your critical database environments systems we can do quick and / or comprehensive assessments to identify performance blockers in the database.

We can also provide detailed guidance on how to maximize your investment in the database.

Our team of experts will:

  • Perform a Summary Assessment of the database environment and provide recommendations to increase the performance of your database the same day.
  • Perform a Comprehensive Assessment of the database environment and provide detailed recommendations to maximize the utilization of all aspects of your database.
  • Tune your SQL statements to make your application run faster.
  • Review your application’s use of the built-in database features.
  • Analyze the fragmentation level of your databases and tune-up space utilization.
  • Implement monitoring jobs so the optimization and tuning processes can be executed on a recurring basis.

Performance Audits

If you have an existing application where users already experiencing performance problem, our team of experts may create an independent examination of your application.
The result will include the red points of your application and on request we may elaborate performance improvements plans.
The plan will include tuning solutions on all application layers from database to the web frontent.

Our Team

The most valuable resource of our company is our team.

Each member of our team was carefully selected to make sure they have passion and talent in what they do. We are all young, dedicated and we’re always willing to learn new things.

We think that skills and experience are very important but this will never replace the passion and talent. Passion and talent proved to be even more vital to real job performance success than skill set or experience. Skills, technical knowledge and  experience may be learned but passion and talent are qualities that you just can’t teach.

With passion and commitment, our team is searching for solutions to the problem of our customers and tries to deliver found solutions in time.

Technologies and Skills

At PARADINE Development we work with state of the art technologies and tools. Developers are trained to make sure they adopt the right skills for making the best possible software.

Our core competences are mostly in the area of:

  • Software Architecture and Design
  • Rich Web Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Custom Web Development
  • Knowledge Management

We offer our solutions using state of the art technologies but on special customer’s demand we may also use legacy technologies.

We implement our server side solutions using Java 7 EE, a platform that proved to have high productivity for developers, offer the gates to all latest web technologies and also meet enterprise demands.
We develop your solution using existing commercial and open source components.
Area of expertize: Java J2EE, Jboss Seam Framework, JMS, JPDL/JBPM, Hibernate, JSF, RichFaces, Axis / JAX-WS, JAXB, JAX RS (REST Web Services), SOAP Web Services, Quartz, Spring, Struts, Java SE, Swing, AWT, Lucene / Solr, DOM, SAX, JUnit, DB: Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Adabas, Postgresql
We mostly use JBoss to host our web applications. Top reasons are: stability, scalability, flexibility, speed but also our expertise.
For desktop applications, we implement our solutions using C#. This offers the highest integration with the operating system (Windows) and also ensure the needed interoperability with server side solutions. When portability is a need and integration with OS is not important, we use Java as development environment for desktop too.

Engagement Models

After a preliminary discussion we tailor a solution that is a best fit for your unique needs. We offer the opportunity to engage with us under multiple engagement models.

Fixed Cost Project

Fixed Cost / Fixed Price model is good for the projects that are very well defined with a very clear scope. This is the model with the lower possible risk for customer and with the less involvement of customer in the project life-cycle. Our team of experts will carefully examine the requirements of the customer and will create a proposal for the fixed price. The models can cover all project phases and aspects (Design, Analysis, Implementation, Testing and Management)

Hire a Managed Developer

In this model, the customer will get the resource managed. The resource (developer in this case) will be managed by the our project management team. The price is fixed per month per developer. In this business model the requirements of the project can change but changes must be agreed with our PM team.

Hire Dedicated Developer

In this model, the customer will get the resource unmanaged. The resource (developer in this case) will be managed by the customer. The price is fixed per month per developer. In this business model the requirements of the project can change dramatically.

For further assistance in regards to the prices and best suitable model for you, please contact us.

What Are You Waiting For?


For the reinforcement of our development team we constantly look for new colleagues, who are willing to work in a challenging environment, in a very good working climate using the most modern technologies.

Below the open positions in our company.

Java EE Developer

  • Will to work in challenging projects
  • Study: Computer Science
  • Minimum 3 years Experience in Java and Web Development in java (J2EE, Hibernate, JSF, Struts, Lucene, XML, XSLT, SOAP, REST, AJAX, Richfaces, JBoss Seam, GIT, Eclipse)
  • Familiar with Agile development (Kanban, Scrum) 
  • Knowledge in Oracle and/or DB2
  • Knowledge in Software engineering methods
  • Team player able to prove his intent in developing software
  • Good in English (read + write)
  • Ability to prioritize task without continuous involvement of project managers

Junior Java EE Developer

  • 0-2 years of work experience in Java
  • Knowledge in Java, J2EE – EJB3, Hibernate, XML processing
  • Will to work in challenging projects
  • General knowledge of using at least one major DB (like Oracle)
  • Knowledge in Software engineering methods
  • Good in English (read + write)
  • Study: Computer Science University Degree or equivalent




.NET Developer

  • Real wish to work in our team, to find the best solutions to our customers
  • Study: Computer Science
  • Experience in Microsoft .NET technologies
  • Experience in Desktop application development
  • Good in English (read + write)
  • Team player able to prove his intent in developing software
  • Knowledge in Software engineering methods
  • Familiar with Agile development (Kanban, Scrum)

Software Analyst

  • Real wish to work in our team, to find the best solutions to our customers
  • Study: Computer Science (+ master in IT)
  • Experience in requirements specification of software products
  • Experience in elaboration of test cases/scenarios starting from specification
  • Knowledge of testing methods
  • Experience in automatic testing is an advantage
  • Familiar with software engineering and Agile methods
  • Team player able to prove his intent in developing software
  • Very good communication skills

Main benefits

  • Flexible schedule
  • Attractive salary
  • Friendly working environment
  • 5-10% of time – possibility to work from home
  • Professional development by learning state of the art technologies like: Hibernate, EJB3, Richfaces, JBoss Seam, Web Services, JBpm, J2EE AS Clustering, JMS, SAXON, Oracle, DB2, UML, Design Patterns
  • Possibility to work in all application layers

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